At Tupelo Physical Therapy we specialize in the treatment of orthopedic injuries and neuromuscular spine dysfunctions. You will be treated by an experienced and highly trained physical therapist who will perform an extensive evaluation – including examination of movement patterns, biomechanics and neurology – to determine the source of your symptoms. A treatment plan will then be directed toward correcting the pathology, not just resolving symptoms.

50+ years of experience and training in manual therapy help to set Tupelo Physical Therapy apart from the competition. Our clinicians have all been extensively trained and tested in the art of manual therapy and the science behind its philosophy.

Not all physical therapists are the same – at Tupelo Physical Therapy we have therapists who specialize in manual therapy and have formal training, which allows us to offer superior evaluation and treatment.


Philosophy of Care

Best evidence based clinical practice means that we only provide treatments scientifically proven to benefit patients. Extensive studies have concluded that manual therapy techniques combined with specific exercise training are the most beneficial modalities to repair injured tissue. Utilization of this philosophy allows us to decrease treatment time and cost; and, more importantly, improve patient outcomes.