Sport Residency

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Drayer Physical Therapy Institute® (DPTI) is proud to offer a sports residency program designed to provide physical therapists with advanced knowledge and skilled training in a clinical environment.

The curriculum of this residency is designed to provide physical therapists with advanced training in examination, clinical decision-making and treatment skills. The program utilizes a broad-based eclectic curriculum and multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of athletes. Lab training, didactic teaching, mentoring in the clinic and on the field allow faculty to focus on the individual needs of each resident. The curriculum is also designed to prepare therapists for the American Physical Therapy Board of Specialists Sport Physical Therapy Certification exam.

Program Outline

2016SportResidencyClassThe residency program begins in January and will run for 50 consecutive weeks. Each resident provides patient care at one of DPTI’s leading outpatient facilities. Four hours weekly of patient care are spent 1:1 mentoring with a therapist that has received ABPTS certification in sports (or SCS). In addition, the resident will be involved in over 200 hours of on-field athletic venue coverage. Lecture and manual skills training occur at the DPTI continuing education facility in addition to our online courses designed to meet sports specialty. Residents have the opportunity to participate in a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care by being a part of a team including physicians and athletic trainers. The resident receives a salary for the time he/she is employed as well as an employee benefits package; which includes health, dental and disability insurance and a 401 (k).

Goals of the Program:

DPTI’s residency program participants will be part of an integral team of healthcare clinicians responsible for patient care with an assurance that there is integrated care for a sport-specific caseload. DPTI is committed to providing participants with a cultural and scientific-based clinical and didactic experience that accelerates professional growth.

  •   Foster an environment that supports the growth of practitioners focused on patient-centered care
  •   Develop and maintain a curriculum that is evidence-based and focused on the delivery of high level quality care to include evaluation, assessment, reassessment, intervention, prevention and discharge
  •   Provide an opportunity for residents to be active consumers and contributors of scientific literature
  •   Foster the growth of clinicians that exhibit the highest standards of professionalism
  •   Provide opportunities to be an integral role in the treatment of athletes from acute onset to discharge

Application Process

To apply, complete the application process through the APTA website at

All eligible candidates must:

  •   Be a graduate of a CAPTE accredited physical therapy program
  •   Possess license (this may be temporary where applicable) by state board in which clinical practice for residency will occur
  •   Be either an ATC, EMT or have completed the emergency medical responder (EMR) course
  •   Meet the employment standards set forth by Drayer Physical Therapy Institute

**Consideration will be given based on academic experience, clinical experience within sports, community involvement and research.


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