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Workers’ Comp Rehabilitation

At Drayer Physical Therapy Institute® (DPTI) we understand that the injured worker’s rehabilitation process is unique. We treat work-related injuries and provide both industrial consulting and injury prevention services for our corporate and industrial clients. Our specially trained therapists deliver care with a positive approach and focus on goal-oriented treatment programs, designed to return the injured worker back to work efficiently and safely. We customize care to the specific needs of the injured worker and their employer and understand the importance of the relationship between the physicians, insurance companies, nurse case managers and employers. At DPTI, we strive to maintain open lines of communication and keep all parties informed throughout the recovery and rehabilitation process.

In Addition to Comprehensive Work Injury Management, We Also Offer:

  • Evaluation within 24 hours from the time of referral, with approval
  • Ongoing communication with functional progress updates including recovery and attendance
  • Early morning and evening appointments available to avoid work schedule conflicts
  • Job specific tasks to assure physical abilities
  • Communication with physicians on objective physical capabilities


• Concussion Management
• Fit For Duty Testing
Functional Progress Notes
• Work Conditioning


Work Place Safety and Injury Reduction Program

At Drayer Physical Therapy Institute (DPTI) we value our varied employer clients (Office, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Mining, Trucking and Warehousing) and work toward safe case resolution of injured workers.  Through our comprehensive programming, training and knowledgeable clinicians,  we are able to assist employers in managing aging workers and an increasingly technology centric work force.  We utilize reliable and valid tools as the foundation of our evaluation and assessment processes, both for patient evaluation as well as for creating job descriptions and post offer employment tests (POETs).  Our aggregated 100 yrs.+ of clinical experience in our WoRx leadership team creates individualized programs that deliver functional results. We are committed to providing outcome driven, cost effective care with meaningful communication to all parties.


• Causation Analysis
Ergonomic/Job Site Hazard Analysis
Job Demands Analysis
Early Symptom Intervention
Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)
Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET)


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