Operation Rehabilitation

Drayer Physical Therapy Institute is proud to announce the 2015 launch of our latest philanthropic endeavor, Operation Rehabilitation. rehabWe are now actively accepting applications to the Operation Rehabilitation program and look forward to continuing to increase awareness and funds for the program.  If you are a local service member in need or know someone who is and could benefit from Operation Rehabilitation services, please visit one of our centers to complete an application.  You can also visit a center near you to make a donation or learn more about the program!

Operation Rehabilitation was formed by Drayer Physical Therapy Institute employees to increase awareness of the healing, recovery and rehabilitative needs of service members in the communities we serve by providing rehabilitative services, equipment and support. These services include but are not limited to: aiding with at home mobility projects, providing financial assistance with health care costs and rehabilitative equipment, financial aid for the basic necessities to care for family and home. It is the intention of this mission to share the following core values of our corporation, to inspire those around us to follow our lead in this cause and to serve and empower those who selflessly chose to serve us.

  • Always choose to do the right thing, even in the face of adversity.
  • Make a difference in the lives of those around you, by answering to the call of stewardship and servantship.
  • Embrace being a part of something of intrinsic value, by avoiding the temptations of narcissism, apathy, and entitlement.

Mission Statement

The mission of Operation Rehabilitation is to honor those who have committed themselves to defend our country’s freedoms by increasing awareness of the rehabilitative needs of our service members and to facilitate positive support in their lives. We commit to assist our service members in restoring and achieving a sense of self in the healing, recovery, and rehabilitative process by providing physical, spiritual, and financial aid to fulfill individual needs.

Cents for a Service Dog Campaign

orders for love campaign for service dogCollection Dates: June 1st – July 4th

Operation Rehabilitation is collecting money to sponsor a service dog from Orders for Love. They are a non-profit organization the trains shelter dogs to assist veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI.  The dog we are sponsoring will be placed with a veteran in one of the communities served by Drayer Physical Therapy Institute.

Stop by your local participating center to donate your spare change today! We have a goal to raise $3000 for the cause.


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