Drayer Physical Therapy Institute® (DPTI) is proud to offer modern treatment services for many musculoskeletal disorders and diseases as well as for post-injury/post-operative rehabilitation. We lead the industry by faithfully upholding our “patient care promise.” DPTI ensures access to services within 24 hours of patients receiving referrals, and we work with all insurance plans.

Clients coming to DPTI for help can expect compassionate, results-oriented care. Our licensed, experienced physical therapists offer a range of physical therapy treatments, including:

Osteoporosis Physical Therapy — Treatment modalities for reduced bone density involve postural and balance therapies, which decrease the risk of falling. They also include weight-bearing exercise programs to improve bone health. Osteoporosis physical therapy may involve the use of back braces to support weakened bones.

Physical Therapy for Headaches — An alternative to taking medications for chronic head pain, physical therapy for headaches addresses cervicogenic headaches, radiating pain resulting from irritated nerves or abnormally positioned cervical spine structures. Soft tissue manual therapy, postural correction exercises and cervical spine mobilization are the most common treatments our therapists use to relieve headache pain.

Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) Physical Therapy — Our goal at DPTI is to help those diagnosed with DDD to continue engaging in daily activities as fully as possible. Treatment programs addressing DDD consist of stretching exercises to increase flexibility and spine strength, movement/posture education for further pain relief and manual therapy to enhance mobility of tight muscles and/or stiff joints that could contribute to DDD symptoms.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Physical Therapy — Shooting pains in the foot, accompanied by numbness or burning, may indicate dysfunction of the tibial nerve at the tarsal tunnel area of the ankle. Physical therapy techniques to relieve pain include postural stabilization, soft tissue mobilization, flexibility exercises and gait training to correct abnormalities in the way the feet are placed as the patient is walking.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Physical Therapy — Hand and finger stretching exercises strengthen wrist and forearm muscles. Some of our clients use wrist splints to relieve pain while sleeping. Others work to improve posture with our physical therapists. There are plenty of ways we can help CTS sufferers remove pressure on nerves in the wrist and avoid surgery.

Lymphedema Therapy — To help reduce swelling of the arms and legs, our physical therapists show patients how to wear compression garments and perform specific exercises to relieve edema. For moderate to severe swelling, our PTs may employ “complete decongestive therapy” by manually draining lymphatic fluid through therapeutic massage. Once swelling has gone down, your PT and you will develop a personalized exercise and diet program to minimize edema and the risk of skin infections.

Lateral Epicondylitis Therapy — More commonly known as “tennis elbow,” lateral epicondylitis causes pain and tenderness around the elbow where the common extensor tendon begins. Our physical therapists use flexibility, range of motion and stretching exercises to relieve pain and soreness. Active resistive and assistive exercises repair and strengthen stressed arm tendons and muscles.

Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) — When certain diseases (such as diabetes, thyroid or Parkinson’s) or prolonged, post-operative immobilization causes pain and extreme stiffness in the shoulder, passive stretching exercises can help restore range of motion and repair damaged muscles. External rotation, forward flexion and crossover arm stretches are just a few techniques our PTs use to treat frozen shoulders.

Drayer Physical Therapy Institute® also provides pregnancy-related lower back pain therapy, iliotibial band syndrome physical therapy, ACL injury rehab and spinal stenosis physical therapy.

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